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Nitrox / Oxygen Analyzer
  • Water/Splash Resistant
  • 3 Position Power Switch: On/Off/On with Backlight
  • Easier to use and calibrate than most competitors' oxygen analyzers
  • Easy to surface mount, hole spacing is indicated on the back of the enclosure in both inches and centimeters
  • Available in Right- and Left- Hand Versions
  • Long Life Sensor, 4-5 year expected lifespan
  • 2 Year Warranty

Internal Sensor models:

  • Include BC Low Pressure Inflator Hose Adapter
  • Sample Directly from a SCUBA tank

External Sensor models:

  • Includes External type sensor with flow diverter, ready to plug into the Nitrox Stik
  • 6 foot high quality cable that connects the sensor to the Analyzer

Nitrox Oxygen Analyzer

Nitrox Oxygen Analyzer, left and right handed versions with BCD low pressure inflator adapter Nitrox Oxygen Analyzer Sampling Directly from Tank


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The Nitrox Stik™
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