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Oxygen Enriched Air for Scientific Diving Course

EnviroDive wrote the book on gas blending...The PADI/DSAT book!

Oxygen Enriched Air, commonly called "Nitrox", is the breathing gas of choice for operational dives to 110 FSW.

Scientific diving, by its very nature, tends to be mission specific. This often results in multiple dives, to a specific depth, continuing until the task is completed. This, by definition, is no longer recreational diving.

Many jurisdictions consider scientific divers to be "professional divers". As such, recreational diving courses often do not fulfill their advanced requirements.

This oxygen enriched air course was originally developed for commercial divers. It is designed for maximum diving safety and benefit.

This is not a recreational diving course.

In this course, we cover both the physiological impact of diving using oxygen enriched air and the operational considerations.

Physiologically, the benefit of breathing oxygen enriched air is proven for diving in extreme conditions. We will see why using oxygen enriched air for extended duration and repetitive dives is beneficial, and subsequently, why air is the least desirable breathing gas under the same circumstances.

Operationally, what makes this course unique is the exclusive EnviroDive "Oxygen Enriched Air Table". During a diving operation, the last thing a diver or supervisor needs is to have to remember the six oxygen enriched air formulas, especially if it has been awhile since he/she has used them. With the "EnviroDive Table", a quick glance will give all of the information that is required for safe diving operations.

"Simple works"

This Certification Course Includes:


Chapter 1 - Physiology

Chapter 2 - Physics

  • Fraction of Gas (Fg)
  • Equivalent Air Depth (EAD)
  • Partial Pressure of a Gas (Pg)

Chapter 3 - Repetitive Oxygen Enriched Air Dives

Chapter 4 - Technical information

  • Cylinder Identification
  • Oxygen Analysis
  • Special Equipment Requirements
  • Oxygen Service
  • Gas Blending
  • Fill Log


Appendix I - Answers to Review Questions

Appendix II - EnviroDive OEA Table (US Navy)

Appendix III - US Navy Air Dive Tables

  • Table 9-6 - Repetitive Air Dives/Groups
  • Table 9-7 - Residual Nitrogen for Repetitive Dives

Appendix IV - Repetitive Dive Worksheets (Blank)



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