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The Nitrox Stik
System Components

The LlewocSIS Nitrox Stik Continuous Gas Blending System is intended for use on compressors that are suitable for compressing EANx at up to 40% O2. These may be of the oil-free type, or of conventional lubrication design. Although the LlewocSIS Nitrox Stik is capable of homogenous blending far in excess of 40% O2, this practice is not recommended nor endorsed. As a designed process component, the LlewocSIS Nitrox Stik is sized for its intended compressor system. Variations in the process (i.e. varying the compressor speed) will have an effect on the operation and should be avoided.

Nitrox Stik System Schematic

These are typically K or T cylinders, with a working pressure of up to 2400 psi. (User supplied)

This is a conventional high pressure oxygen regulator with a maximum outlet pressure of 120 psi. It is attached to the cylinder valve by a CGA 540 fitting.

This is a locking metering valve. The intent here is to allow the use of the regulator’s pressure adjustment control to determine the O2 percentage of the system while limiting the maximum oxygen concentration to 40% with the compressor at load.

This is conventional low pressure (150 psi WP) oxygen hose.

This comprises the concentric filter/pre-blender diffuser, the mixing stage, and the oxygen analyzer sensor receptacle. This is to be mounted securely near the compressor, coupled to the compressor intake with a short length of flexible hose which acts as a vibration isolator, in order to protect the O2 sensor. The filter/air inlet surface must have a good clearance all around (1 foot minimum). This must be in a well ventilated area, both for supply of fresh inlet air, and to allow adequate dispersal of oxygen should the compressor be stopped or shut down before the oxygen flow to the blender is stopped.

A small, portable, remote sensor type is recommended, such as the Ceramatec MaxO2, MSA MiniOX I, Teledyne TED-60 or Aquatronics. The sensor body is to have the o-ring seal adapter fitted. (User supplied)

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Although this unit will ensure homogenous compressor inlet mixtures, preparing and handling pressurized oxygen and oxygen/air mixtures is a skilled operation, not to be undertaken without proper training. It can be hazardous and in this view, no liability for any subsequent damage or injury can be accepted by the developer, the manufacturer or the seller.


The Nitrox Stik™
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