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The Nitrox Stik
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Revolutionary Continuous Gas Blending

Dr. Morgan Wells, the former Director of Diving for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), developed a process for mixing oxygen enriched air which he called a continuous blending system. For many years, Dr. Wells' invention was the only practical alternative to partial pressure blending. That is, until the early to mid-nineties.

Ross Cowell, a Canadian maritime engineer, technical diver, and a fan of Dr. Wells, came up with a simple but effective method of producing a completely homogenous mix of Nitrox in less than 2 milliseconds, without restricting the flow to the compressor intake. He called his invention the "LlewocSIS". The market, however, simply called it "The Nitrox Stick" and soon it was renamed "The Nitrox Stik", or "The Stik" for short.

After eighteen months of field testing, an independent engineering study was commissioned and patent applications followed. This Nitrox gas blending unit now holds a US and Canadian Patent.

"The Nitrox Stik" is sized according to the compressor it will be used on/with, and the sizing takes into consideration two main design requirements: Reynolds numbers (measuring mix homogeneosity) and Delta P's (measuring resistance).

With "The Nitrox Stik" being dependable, consistent, and accurate, diving operations find that they can get into producing Nitrox at a fraction of the cost of any other system.

Most dive shops follow the 40% guideline and restrict the maximum fraction of oxygen with oil-lubricated compressors. For dive shops using the 21% guidelines, an oxygen-serviced, oil-free compressor is indicated. Interestingly, almost one hundred percent of LlewocSIS enriched air blenders are attached to oil-lubricated compressors.

Mixing accurate Nitrox with "The Nitrox Stik" is so simple that the phrase "Dial-a Mix" has been used to describe its operation. What goes into the compressor intake is what comes out. Simple.

When Dr. Morgan Wells looked over the LlewocSIS Nitrox gas blending system, which is the evolution of something he started many years ago, he said, "It makes an old diver happy to see a simple philosophy in use".

One of the biggest problems facing the diving industry today is the expense of setting up a safe, effective, and accurate Nitrox fill station in diving operations. The Nitrox Stik solves these problems.

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