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EnviroDive Services presents the newly revised and updated

“Blending Oxygen Enriched Air”

 In the days when nitrox was just catching on, the diving industry found itself in a dilemma. Instructing eager divers how to dive nitrox was easy enough, the bottleneck was in the mixed gas supply. Basically, there were very few shops where newly certified nitrox divers could get their scuba cylinders filled.

 Often with all of the misinformation surrounding nitrox blending, divers found that before they could get a nitrox fill they had to have their nitrox dedicated cylinder (and valve) oxygen serviced….usually at a considerable expense. Unfortunately, many nitrox divers found that getting nitrox was not worth the problems encountered at the dive shops.

 Near hysteria and paranoia surrounded the almost cult like mysteries involved in nitrox gas blending. Clearly, it was past time for a well-researched and comprehensive manual on gas blending. This need resulted in the EnviroDive manual on “Blending Oxygen Enriched Air.” This time tested manual was the foundation for subsequent manuals on gas blending published by “Best Publishing” and PADI/DSAT.

Blending Oxygen Enriched Air - Cover art

 As the world leaders in nitrox gas blending, EnviroDive Services is excited to offer our customers an instantly downloadable copy of the original - but revised and up to date - “Blending Oxygen Enriched Air” manual for the low price of $7.99

 A lot of the original issues surrounding nitrox were based on closely guarded secrets designed to protect the few businesses with the knowledge of nitrox gas blending. Nitrox gas blending became an industry driven by myths……Until EnviroDive Services published the “Blending Oxygen Enriched Air” manual.

 Easy to read and understand. Get the facts. Find out for yourself what is myth and what is real. Be safe. Get your copy this minute. What are you waiting for?

This reference contains...

Table of Contents

Introduction  5
Chapter 1    Oxygen  
    Liquid Oxygen 9
    Gaseous Oxygen 9
    40% Rule 10
    Hazards 11
    Design for Oxygen Use 13
    Oxygen Clean 14
    Oxygen Compatible 14
Chapter 2    Oxygen Cleaning  
    Dismantling Equipment 19
    Inspection and Gross Cleaning 20
    Pre Cleaning and Rinsing 20
    Cleaning,  Rinsing and Drying 21
    Inspection and Testing for Clean 22
    Reassembling, Packaging and Labeling 24
Chapter 3    Oxygen Compatible Air  
    CGA “E” Standards 30
Chapter 4    Gas Blending Methods  
    Mixing By Weight 35
    Partial Pressure Blending 35
    Continuous Flow mixing 38
    Oxygen Generation 41
Chapter 5    Gas Mixing Formulas  
    Partial Pressure Fill, Starting With an Empty Cylinder 47
    Continuous Blend, Starting With a Partially Full Cylinder 49
    Partial Pressure Fill, Starting With a Partially Full Cylinder 51
    Partially Full Cylinder,  Add Bank Mix,  & Top With Air 52
Appendix I      Answers to Review Questions 55
Appendix II     Nitrox Partial Pressure Fill Chart 60
Appendix III    Resources 62


Its filled with plenty of diagrams and contains review questions and answers to help your understanding.

All this for only $7.99.

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