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As a commercial diver involved in underwater log recovery, Bart Bjorkman, the president and founder of EnviroDive, found that Nitrox was the perfect gas for relatively shallow diving operations in cold Canadian mountain lakes.

To quickly train new divers in his log recovery operation, Bjorkman became a Nitrox instructor and soon found that there was strong local demand for recreational and commercial Nitrox diving courses.

Meanwhile, very few dive shops had the technical ability to mix oxygen enriched air. Myths surrounding the dangers of working with pure oxygen under pressure meant most dive shops went with partial pressure blending despite its inherent problems.

That was until Ross Cowell, a ship’s engineer by trade and later a Transport Canada ship inspector, solved the problem of safely mixing oxygen enriched air by injecting the oxygen into the air intake of a compressor. Cowell found that by using helical coils set in series, he could completely mix the oxygen without restricting the compressor's intake flow. He quantified his research with tests. The result was known mixing factors called "Reynolds" numbers and flow restrictions called "Delta P". Armed with these, Cowell was able to develop a simple continuous enriched air mixing system that is safe and accurate.

Bjorkman approached Cowell and their alliance literally changed the complexion of the Nitrox diving industry. EnviroDive Services is now the largest supplier of continuous oxygen enriched air gas blending systems in the world.

The recent alliance with the Hawaiian engineering firm of Rubber Duckie Designs means EnviroDive can now offer an automatic controller for continuous oxygen enriched air gas blending, allowing dive shops the accuracy and safety inherent with The Nitrox Stik continuous oxygen enriched air gas blending system and the ease of operation, enhanced safety and accuracy afforded by the automatic controller. The combined systems are less expensive than others in the market.

Bart Bjorkman of EnviroDive Services, dressed in antique hardhat diving equipment

Bart Bjorkman dressed and ready for another working dive.


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